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The goal of the Polk County Abstract team of real estate transaction professionals is to eliminate the frustration often associated with buying or selling a home. That’s why we’ve broken the title and closing process down into these eight simple steps:


  1. Opening Title – An agent usually initiates the process by producing an earnest money contract, signed by both the buyer and the seller. Once we have all the necessary information to open title, the file is given a GF number.

  2. Title Search/Commitment Preparation – Once the file is opened, it goes to our abstract department. This is where a search of all public records is conducted, including deeds, mortgages, paving assessments, liens, wills, divorce settlements and other documents affecting title to the property. Once these documents are examined, a title commitment is prepared, outlining all of the requirements needed to close.

  3. Commitment Processing – Once the search is complete and the commitment has been prepared, it is sent to the buyer, buyer’s agent, seller, seller’s agent and lender for review. All requirements outlined in the commitment must be met before the transaction can be closed.

  4. Preparation of Closing Documents – Several days before the scheduled closing, one of our closers will prepare the HUD statement as well as all other closing documentation. The HUD statement outlines all costs for both the buyer and seller associated with the closing. You will be notified 24 hours before closing of the amount you are responsible for paying.

  5. Closing the Transaction – This step officially transfers the title of the property from the seller to the buyer. Your closer will guide you through the process, and your signature will be required on several documents. Once all the signing is done, the transaction is now complete for the buyer and seller!

  6. Disbursement – After the closing itself, Polk County Abstract issues disbursement checks to the realtors, lenders and all other parties associated with the closing.

  7. Polk Central Appraisal District - As a new property owner, it is important that you contact the Polk Central Appraisal District to make sure that you are listed as the property owner. It is also a good time to apply for any exemptions you may be eligible for, and verify the valuation placed on your property. Upon updating the property information with the Appraisal District, you can expect to receive the original deed within 10 days.

  8. Issuance of the Policy – The last step in the process is the issuance of the title insurance policy itself. Copies of the policy are mailed to the new owner (and lender, if applicable) approximately 30 days after closing.


If you have a question regarding the status of an order, please feel free to call Polk County Abstract at (936) 327-2496.

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