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We positively impact people’s lives while helping our community grow and prosper.




Our mission is to be the resource for real estate transactions in Polk County. We help our customers navigate the closing process and lend support to all parties involved by fostering an environment of employee fulfillment, collaboration and continuous improvement.




Accountability – We are responsible for what we say to our customers and our co-workers as well as for our actions. It is our responsibility to know our job duties and carry them out accurately and timely.


Customer Satisfaction – We put our customers first by giving them personal attention and by keeping them informed. By putting ourselves in our customers’ place, we better understand their needs and questions.


Commitment – As individuals we are dedicated to work to the best of our ability as well as go above and beyond the call of duty to benefit the greater good of the company.


Continuous Learning – We encourage growth and development in order to serve our customers and support our team. Teamwork – We are all working toward the same common goal. .

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